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First Angkor Guides

We offer variety of tours, HISTORICAL, ADVENTURE-NATURE-ECO, CULTURAL- CUSTOM, ANTHROPOLOGICAL and SCHOOL TOURS. We let you mix and match and make your own tours, not just the above mentioned ones but also trips to charities that we support.

Why choose First Angkor Guides

  • Unique itineraries and tours tailored to your needs.
  • Highly professional tour guides with deep knowledge of history, customs, culture, religions, architecture and art of Cambodia.
  • Concierge services (hotel reservations, restaurant and entertainment bookings, airport pick-up etc).
  • Tour available in several languages.
  • Around-the-clock care.
  • Variety of transportation choices.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Part of our proceeds (10%) go to an educational charity in Siem Reap. 

Our Team of Professional Tour Guides
Our team is comprised of a group of well-trained, experienced, licensed tour guides with an excellent command of foreign languages, excellent knowledge of Cambodian history, culture, religions, ancient architecture and a profound knowledge of remarkable places of interest all around our country. We love our country’s history and culture and we would love to share it with our esteemed guests.

Our Guides

Sangwian Vorn is an English and Thai speaking guide. One of the co-founders of First Angkor Guides, Vorn has been working as a tour guide for many years inside the Angkor archeological park and around Cambodia. Vorn looks forward to sharing his historical and cultural experiences with you, your families and friends.

Ros Savuon is an English and Italian speaking tour guide. A licensed tour guide trained by the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism, Savuon has experience guiding tourists in the Angkor Archeological Park and other tourism sites in Cambodia since 2007. In addition to working with tour clients from all over the world, Savuon is also a teacher of English in the biggest High School in Siem Reap. He loves sharing his important knowledge with his students and his valued guests.

Kimthol Yoeun is a high school teacher of English and Khmer literature and local English speaking tour guide for Angkor temples and other places of interest around Cambodia. Kim has been guiding for the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia since 2000. A part from teaching and guiding, Kim works as a coordinator and volunteer with Kids International Development Society (KIDS) and Compassionate Eye Foundation based in Canada. In 2000, Kim worked as an interpreter on the Special Effects Team personal guide for Angelina Jolie during the shooting of “Tomb Raider”. Kim has worked as an Interpreter & Research assistant in the Angkor Archaeological Park commissioned by UNESCO. In 2004, he took a period of 9 months to become a Buddhist monk in order to learn and understand more about life.