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mary ISis

Mary sings her soul songs from the heart and in the spirit of ceremony, with the prayer to awaken, uplift and empower those who listen. She lyrically weaves her poetic expressions of the universal human experience and the mystical and miraculous nature we are all a part of, to inspire Remembrance of true purpose and meaning in Life.  Her debut album, “Nectarian” (2013) recieves much praise, inspiring healing and transformation in many across the globe. In 2016 she released two other albums, "All Praise" and "Inspired Songs of Devotion."  Her vocals are her main instrument, which she usually accompanies with guitar or ukulele. Sometimes she weaves together sound tapestries through the technique of vocal and instrument looping. She performs solo as well as with her full band (The Nectarian Collective).  She has also supported many other musicians with her percussion abilities  and harmony vocals. 


Viet Max
Big South | Peace United

Vietmax is one Bboys of Viet Hip Hop's first generation. He started dancing in 1992 with the inspiration coming from the king of pop, Michael Jackson. He then continued to explore other dance styles and joined Big Toe crew in 1994. In 2006, Vietmax moved to Ho Chi Mich city and founded Big South Crew - one of the best crews in Vietnam up to date. In 2008, he created Peace United Hip-Hop Community, which organizes dance competitions, jams, and workshops, as well as spreading the true spirit and knowledge of hip-hop culture. Creator of the first underground dance battles in Vietnam, Crazy Hands, Halo, All Bboy Kingz. Led Big Toe Crew to become the first crew of Vietnam to compete on an international level at Boty Sea 2005.

Cindy Vo

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Cindy has always admired all forms of artistic expressions. As a teen, she fell in love with the Hip-Hop dance form, break-dancing. Her eclectic style has given her the opportunity to share her passion internationally, featured in music videos, taught dance for local NGOs, judged, and won local dance events. Cindy performed and represented for brands such as Target, Sol Republic, and Lotus Premium Denim. In 2014, she accomplished her first short film, “East Side Story” which was nominated for the 2014 CreaTV San Jose awards show. As a community leader, it brings her constant joy to inspire the next generation of fearless leaders. Cindy continues to share her passion and hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and never stop believing!


KOMA KLAHAN Band are a group of young kids who came from different towns and school levels. Yan Yat is the oldest member of the band and he is 23 years old he sings in Khmer Rock N Roll style. Sokom Niron is 15 years old, from Wat Svay Secondary School in grade nine. Khoun Chan Samnang is 14, from Angkor High School in grade 8. Han Davith is 13 years old, from Wat Svay Secondary School  in grade 7. Pov Penh is 12 years old, from Krasang Roleurng Primary School in grade 6. These kids are amazing have learned many instruments in a short time at MES. They hope to bring their band to many events and they are excited to perform two original songs that they wrote.

Royal Archery Club

An ancient and classic revisiting of this Khmer art.


New Cambodian artists

The first and only all-female Cambodian dance company, based in Siem Reap. Under the motto ”Female empowerment through dance. ”NCA are pioneering in their artistic approach of fusing traditional Apsara dance with contemporary influences. But NCA are not only artistic pioneers; NCA is also pushing social boundaries in pursuing and spreading our mission of female empowerment through dance.

Brak Sophanna

When he was just 10 years old, Brak Sophanna woke from a fever and realized that he could not move his legs. Paralysis was a devastating reality to face for a child – and even more so for one who dreamed of becoming a singer and composer. He gave up at first, he says. Now, the 25-year-old has composed nearly 30 original songs, which have played on local television and drawn a few thousand views on his YouTube channel. He also teaches music at a charitable school on Siem Reap’s riverside. Sophanna’s most popular song, written in 2015, is called Failure Is a Lesson. And his life experience is one he imparts to his students – even if they don’t face the same challenges. “I always told myself to move on and face it,” he says. “The more challenges you face in life, the stronger you become. In August, he released an official music video "Failures Is a Lesson", and gained an audience.

DJ amro diaz

Local Siem Reap dj. Spins in Bric-o-Brac and East of Narnia nightly. Sunset, chill-out and trance tracks. Originally from the Philippines. 


French Dj living in Siem Reap. Spins chill house lounge music.

dj Adam Scott

With more than 20 years playing guitar spinning parties. Australian DJ Adam Scott now joins theKindness Festival with a set of funk, soul and brass oddities from around the globe. Fresh from touring Thailand and Australia this year with his band 'Eat Laser Scumbag', Scott is known for his stellar musicianship and, when it comes to DJ sets, a banging balance of deep cuts and modern classics.

Sakyant Federation

We are a federation of Sak Yant practitioners, students, teachers and masters dedicated to the practice and preservation of the unique Khmer spiritual traditions. It is our mission and passion to share our Khmer heritage and it’s blessings with our community and the world. 

Tuy Sobil (aka “KK”)

In 2005 KK opened up his modest home to a handful of kids he had seen working or living on the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. KK had only just arrived in Cambodia himself. Born in the Thai refugee camps, he grew up in the projects of Los Angeles, fell into gang membership and was eventually deported to a country he had never previously visited. What happened next is what makes his story special. Word spread that KK had been a break-dancer. All of a sudden the very kids he saw living on the streets were knocking at his door asking him to teach them. KK saw these kids getting involved in anti-social behavior and drugs, he saw that without guidance they were in danger of repeating the mistakes of his youth. He decided to take on the challenge and reluctantly agreed to start teaching them break-dancing.

Seven years on, those kids have performed internationally – from Australia to Italy – and are now teachers at KK’s ‘Tiny Toones’ centre. Over 200 children from the slums come every day to dance, to make music, to learn English, Khmer (the Cambodian language) and computing, and to enjoy the freedom to be children. It is down to KK’s vision and commitment that this safe environment exists, where children can enjoy learning, explore their creativity and develop a positive sense of identity and community.

DJ Strangefruit

Strangefruit's passion for music, has led him to become one of the first DJs in the UK’s first super club The Tunnel in 1990, at the beginning of house music, spinning alongside the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Frankie Knuckles and Todd Terry, to name a few. Stewart has also played across the world including invitations to perform at Liquid Lounge NYC, Vanity Fair after party New York, Aura in Ibiza, and the Monaco Grand Prix. He’s recently established a cult following during his 6 hour marathon sets at the Terrace in Phnom Penh, where he takes a dedicated crowd on a trip, thru House, Techno and beyond!


Kambrok Touch

Kambrok Touch Band is a girls band with six members who started learning music in MES since 2013. Bass by Tra Chantrey from Wat Svay High School, keyboard by Norn Koe from Wat Svay High School, drum by So Pisey from Wat Svay High School, acoustic guitar by Phal Maneth from CFC High School, electric guitar by Yem Riya from CFC High School and vocals by Chan Mara from CFC High School. They were working together for six months to create a girls band in MES with coaching by many older musicians and teachers of MES. They hope to bring their talent to public concerts, schools, and to inspire the other girls in their community.

Nem Demorng

Nem Demorng is a high school student nearby MES and was learning how to play Ukulele, Acoustic and Electric Guitar in 2012. In 2014 he become a member of band and then after wrote his own song. Demorng is still playing acoustic guitar at home or at school to improve his skills even though he is very busy with his studies. He has been very talented since he began learning music in MES, and could pick up very quick on lessons. He will bring his original songs to perform too and will also sing in english.


Ili Tulloch.jpg

Ilana Tullx
Director at Baby Elephant Boutique

Wednesday 4:00pm - 5:00pm Ethical Employment and Hospitality
Australian web designer, graphic designer and digital media & marketing specialist. Background in broadcast journalism. Plays the bass guitar.

Victoria Baum
D Tales

Tuesday 5:00pm - 10:00pm Live Art and D-Tales
Wednesday 4:00pm - 5:30pm Angkor Photo Festival

She works to capture through her photos and paintings,  the little things that make the world. Initially working with reclaimed wood, which she brings to life with brilliantly colored freeform textures,  using a variety of acrylic, ink and varnish. She has now also taken to canvas, which offers a different platform for her work to evolve and for her beautiful abstracts creations, to brighten the world one piece at a time. Victoria believes everything has its own beauty in space and time for those who choose to see.

steve s

Steve Sakala
Sustainability Consultant

Thursday 3:00pm - 5:00pm Cannabis / Agriculture Yield Increase.
Steve Sakala is founder and owner of Honaunau Farm.  He has educated hundreds of students from all over the world at the farm on a wide variety of sustainability issues. Steve has also been a leader in the sustainability movement for almost 20 years and believes strongly in the power of models as a tool to demonstrate the simplicity and necessity of sustainability.  He has dedicated his adult life to building such models.   

Steve has been a sustainability consultant for 15 years including several years in W. Africa.  He has been living and working in Hawaii for the past 10 years and has worked on a diversity of projects including renewable energy, permaculture, green building, animal husbandry and soil health.