How we work

How is the Kindness festival unique and evolutionary compared to other festivals?

The Kindness Festival Cambodia has a unique and evolutionary festival business model. Firstly, we are founded on forming a “core team flash mob” of 10 people who become the co-creators of the festival. Individuals called to participate will unite to share their unique and innovative gifts with our beloved community here in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The core team participants donate $550 to $700, which includes 7 nights of food and lodging. The core team’s donation of money and time makes the event possible. Our focus of uplifting humanity and sharing freedom will implemented by bridging western transformational festival practices into developing nations, while respecting the local cultural sensitivities. We introduce “spiritual technologies” that are used at cutting edge festivals like and to help our brothers and sisters remember their often fragmented ancient wisdom, due to traumatic events such as war, dictatorship, genocide and natural disasters.


How we hope to serve the community with the Festival? 

Our concept includes working directly with one of our sister communities from the good works of and going deeper with them. After an extensive collaborative brainstorming session with the community, we co-operatively establish some community goals like clean water, a new school, a medical clinic, a permacultural food forest installation, computer labs, sporting equipment for the children, a rice bank, school uniforms and shoes, etc… Proceeds from the Kindness Festival will help to realize these goals.

JOIN US in forming a creative and compassionate group of open-minded and light-hearted souls who believe that festival life is a training ground for heaven on earth, and that intentional kindness can create positive social change.

JOIN US to feel the magic of this unique and evolutionary festival founded by our core team flash mob of 10 people, with a daily or weekly pass.