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When he was just 10 years old, Brak Sophanna woke from a fever and realized that he could not move his legs. Paralysis was a devastating reality to face for a child – and even more so for one who dreamed of becoming a singer and composer. He gave up at first, he says. Now, the 25-year-old has composed nearly 30 original songs, which have played on local television and drawn a few thousand views on his YouTube channel. He also teaches music at a charitable school on Siem Reap’s riverside. Sophanna’s most popular song, written in 2015, is called Failure Is a Lesson. And his life experience is one he imparts to his students – even if they don’t face the same challenges. “I always told myself to move on and face it,” he says. “The more challenges you face in life, the stronger you become. In August, he released an official music video "Failures Is a Lesson", and gained an audience.

NEw Cambodian Artists

The first and only all-female Cambodian dance company, based in Siem Reap. Under the motto ”Female empowerment through dance. ”NCA are pioneering in their artistic approach of fusing traditional Apsara dance with contemporary influences. But NCA are not only artistic pioneers; NCA is also pushing social boundaries in pursuing and spreading our mission of female empowerment through dance.


We are a federation of Sak Yant practitioners, students, teachers and masters dedicated to the practice and preservation of the unique Khmer spiritual traditions. It is our mission and passion to share our Khmer heritage and it’s blessings with our community and the world.