Clinic Project


As part of our Kindness Festival vision we will be donating a percentage of our potential festival profits to the Muk Pen Clinic project.

Muk Pen is one of the rural communes, located 32km west of Angkor Wat. This communities is comprised of six large villages- Tatrav, Muk Pen, Trakiet, Kauk Run, Kauk Reang and Sva Huol. Together there are 1290 families with 5861 inhabitants. They are all farmers and live off the land.

Unlike other communities of Siem Reap Province, Muk Pen does not have a local medical clinic. People have to travel over 30km to Siem Reap provincial referral hospital or the Children’s Hospitals to get medical services.

The aim of providing a medical clinic is not only to serve nearly 6000 inhabitants in this community, but is also helps people from two more remote villages-30km further south of the Trakiet Pagoda. These two floating and fishing villages are Por and Treay with 437 families and 1954 inhabitants. Together, over 7815 people in this community will be able to receive services from the Muk Pen clinic. 


With your kindness, we can build it!

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